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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Stroll


Spring Stroll

I hope you enjoyed this stroll with me through the HomePlace today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No S##t?

Yes, a continuation of a previous post. Hangman and family made another visit, and this time he brought DIRT!!!! Just as wonderful as his last visit. He filled one freezer with paper shreds and dirt and topped off another freezer from his last visit. The line of recycled "coolerators" (fridges and freezers) demand lots of filling before being turned into raised garden beds. Fabulous for folks not personally aquainted with the ground because they'd never get up again if they got down there. Like me.

Check out these veggies! Nero De Toscana kale.

He also brought another batch of fig twigs; if they all take root, I will have 18+ fig trees. For some reason, I have trouble starting fig trees, so Hangman brought extra for insurance. 10-Q, Hangman.

I like figs, but am only one person. Art doesn't eat figs. I will need to get seriously creative with figs. Anyone need some fig leaves? Regular streaking is "so last season". This would add a classic/Biblical flavor. No leaves available at this time,so dont start shedding your clothes yet, folks.  The twigs are still green and hanging in there.

This fig twig from last year is ready to plant, and I have just the spot. It'll replace the plum tree burned in the fire last year. Just look at those healthy leaves!
While it grows, I have plans to plant pole beans around that poor plum tree if it's sturdy enough to hold the vines. 

Transplanted squash last weekend with the Grandbabies, and we started cucumbers and pattypan squash. I never cease to be amazed at the miracle of planting seeds.

Keep that dirt coming, Hangman. I have another freezer, and there's tires to start filling, too. Thanks for the effort you put forth digging, hauling it up here, and off-loading it. I still have some of those seeds left you brought last time and am eager to get them planted!