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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Luck for the New Year

Grab that grocery cart and let’s head down those aisles! It’s time to get some groceries to ensure a lucky 2012. Considering the year 2011, you may want to eat more than the usual black-eyed peas!

Greens are an excellent choice if you want more money than last year. Greens resemble folding cash, so grab some collard greens or cabbage for a bountiful New Year. Sauerkraut counts, but my husband won’t eat it no matter how much money it may bring. I guess I’ll have to eat his share.

Rolling on, don’t forget some fish. The scales represent coins, and schools of fish indicate abundance. Swimming forward, fish, indicate progress. Some folks with German backgrounds eat herring, the questionable highlight of my childhood New Years Eve. Pickled creamed herring had to be one of the luckiest foods; I felt lucky I could eat just one piece and hold it down. Instead, pass the shrimp, they’re just as lucky and easier to consume.

Fruit is on the list, too. Twelve grapes, one for each stroke of the clock, are eaten in Spain. Each grape represents a month. If you munch down on “February” and it’s bitter, watch out for that month in the coming year. Pomegranates symbolize fertility and abundance in the Mediterranean countries. You are totally responsible for the results if you take the pomegranate home with you!

Want long life? Eat some noodles, but slurp each noodle completely into your mouth before chewing. For the most luck, eat grains like quinoa, barley or rice! Chinese dumplings must be eaten without counting or you’ll face scarcity in the coming year.

Pork is high on our New Year’s list. Pigs are round (for prosperity) and root forward. Avoid chicken or turkey. They scratch backward, and your luck will fly away with their feathers. Besides, who wants to scratch for a living? Bring on the ham and pork roast instead.

Ring shaped cakes represent wholeness and completion of a full year’s cycle. I’m sure doughnuts count for this one. Buy a large assortment to please every member of your family. Whether you serve donuts or a full size bundt cake, you’ll ensure a sweet new year.

Lentils represent coins, as do black-eyed peas. I’ve always thought lentils were more coin-ish in shape than the peas. In Italy, you’ll find lentils in a soup or stew sometimes with sausage for good fortune in the coming year.

Cart full, proceed to the checkout, dish out some folding green, and haul your lucky groceries home. Prepare them with love and hope. Share them with those you love. Good luck and prosperity to you and yours for 2012.