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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Good About a Drought?/ Updates

I asked myself this question as I slathered on sunblock, preparing to do chores outside. I looked at the can of "Off" and it flashed into my mind. What's good? Fewer MOSQUITOES! I don't have to spray myself with bug-spray!

Mosquitoes adore my taste, and flock to me. Some bug sprays are simply a condiment to improve my taste! They ignore my hubby, Art, and circle me singing their keening song.

They used to lurk in the shade under the oaks, in clumps of grass, and laid eggs in any available water to propagate. Easy to keep water dumped out of potential nurseries this year.

The bites itched, the possibility of encephalitis or West Nile disease was unnerving. I do my chores faster without crazy-woman mosquito swatting breaks. A definite plus in this blistering heat.

                      ***               ***              ***

Rabbit herd down to 37-- meat in freezer

Pears ripened two months early, only the size of ping pong balls or a few like tennis balls.

Grasshoppers eating everything in sight -- even the jalapenos!

I'm writing a column for a local paper. Have done three so far.

Saw "Green Lantern" and enjoyed it. Waiting for sequel; you know it's coming!

Enjoying Janet Evanovich's "Smokin' Seventeen" on audio book. I always enjoy a giggle at the antics of Stephanie, Lula, and my favorite: Grandma Mazur! My sister finished the print version in one day.

Feeling cheerful. More than enough to do to keep busy. Life's good.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deeply Sad -- Poor Bunny

Lost another rabbit to the heat today. Now a total of four have died, even though they get their water checked twice a day and ice bottles in the afternoon to cosy up to.

This purebred doe was one I'd hoped to keep to breed the next season. Stupid early hot weather gave us 100F again today. This should be July weather, not June.

The rabbit I found down a few days ago nearly broke my heart. Its siblings were licking it and nudging it to get it to get up. He was cold and stiff, but they kept trying.

So many terrible things happening in the world, and I'm depressed over rabbits dying.  I handled the first two fairly well, but these last two have shaken me up more than I expected. Maybe I need a reality check.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Couldn't I Post?

Today I'll share a rant with you. Two weeks I've spent trying to get signed in to my blog or comment on other folks' blogs.

When I abandoned aol, and tried to sign in using Internet Explorer, it was mere seconds until I was signed in and blogging. To my readers, apologies.

Does anyone know what's been going on? The Blogger help section is full of complaints starting in May about not being able to access blogs.