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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bunnies for Sale

Bunches of bunnies being handled daily; it takes hours of holding and cuddling in the fresh air to ready them for sale. Unlike most sellers we offer a flyer with contact info in case the bunny needs help or doesn't work out. We do take them back, but offer no refund.

We never got to the 100 rabbit goal, and I'm glad. We did get to 50, however, and caring for those appropriately kept us busy enough. Need to contact some folks that want breeders before we sell out.

It's amazing how many folks want bunnies for food stock. A sign of the times, no doubt. Looks like we'll also be tapping into the 4-H Rabbit Project next year, thanks to our tax accountant.

Give a thought to sustainable living, and raise rabbits; if they don't sell they'll keep your "backbutton and belly-bone separated".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh, S**t!

A month early exactly, Hangman arrived with my traditional birthday gift. Yes, that's right! 400 pounds of composted cow manure! How many men would give this gift from the heart knowing it would be appreciated, and not scorned? Or possibly misinterpreted?
Yeah, I gotta admit he looks a bit scary in his pic above, but what a sweetheart!  My favorite gift every year! S**t, something he knows I can use in the years to come. I can look at the brown gold and think of his generosity. Most folks might interpret that to mean his gift wasn't worth s**t, but not me. You should see those bean plants growing!

Squirrel kisses to ya, Hangman, and thanks!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bunny Marco Polo

Another great explorer joins the annals of history!
We brought a baby inside to treat it for an eye infection. You'd think a large  plastic storage tub could hold a bunny less than two months old. It certainly looked deep enough! Never underestimte the wanderlust factor in a rabbit, especially one getting eyedrops. 

Last night we came home to an empty tub. No sight of the bunny anywhere, but a cold trail of "rabbit raisins" strewn across my desk. "Yoo hoo, Bunny!" No answer. She's not in the corners under the desk, not in the closet, not behind the large plant, and not in the pantry shelves. Shake the food dish? No answer.

Sooner or later someone hears the call of nature and treks to the bathroom. Who is huddled next to the potty? White rabbit in camoflage, that's who! How long was she there? Who knows. A regular miracle with five cats in the house roaming free. Like Peter Rabbit she squeezed under the gate (door). "Lipptey  lippety" up the hall she went. Had she gone to the bedroom, site of kitty afternoon naps, the story may have ended differently.

Cured, with eyes shiny bright and back to normal, the great rabbit explorer found herself snatched up and delivered back to her littermates outside. I wonder, what tales did she tell of the Tub of Isolation and her journey to the Great Porcelain Ediface?