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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Whew! It's sweltering out, but a cool front is on the way, then we'll only be in the 90's! The garden is slowed,but planted some chard seeds this A.M. Next to seed is broccoli and cauliflower.

Found out about a funding website at the last writer's meeting.  Using it to try to raise some tax money we owe.  If you like, go to indie and check out our campaign: Save Seniors' Farm.  Let me know how I can improve the campaign, if you would. Things have been a bear lately with Art's diagnosis of prostate cancer, treatment, and our lowered summer income with higher summer utilities.

Still, we keep up our spirits and work on our problems. Have some stuff at a resale shop, and are working up a load of scrap metal. Making more jam this weekend when it cools off.

Our produce and jam sales were the best ever at Brazos Writer's last week. Thanks, folks! Enjoy your products and know the money went to good use: another tax payment made.