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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walking With Mr. Bear

Going for a walk, Mom? Can I go too? I promise to be good!

The wild grapes are blooming! Too bad the deer will get them before you do, Mom.
C'mon! Lets go check out the flowers! Let's go! Let's go!

These smell great! Can I eat them?
Why are you yelling, Mom? Oh, poison oak is not for eating -- or smelling.


Bad plant! You make Mom itch.
She HATES Virginia creeper.

I protected Mom from all the bad things ( coyotes, cougars, hogs, other dogs) that might hurt her on our walk. I'm a "gooooo  boy", so I got a Pupperoni! Don't forget to take me next time, okay, Mom?

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  1. This looks like a great start to a Childrens Picture book. I think we should explore that.