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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bringing Up Kittens

Boat and half of her kittens gobble breakfast with Pepperoni. Sadly Pepperoni lost her kittens, but she's taken to wet nursing Boat's brood. Boat couldn't be happier, she'd already weaned the babies, but they try to mug herfor milk. The babies are overjoyed because milk still flows, just at a different dairy bar.

Peppi has taken to protecting the kittens, much to Bear-dog's dismay. Now two irritated female furies clean his clock when he tries to play with the kittens. Puffed up and growling in their protection mode, I'm even put off at their displays for Bear. Today he ignored the Momma duo and was beaten roundly until he ran away yelping. He can't understand what happened to his friend Peppi, she used to bat at him without claws, now she's developed sharp edges.

Boat generously shares her kittens with Peppi, for which I'm glad. Nothing's sadder than a Mom-cat calling for babies that are gone. I'm happy Peppi has some babies to mother. No doubt the kittens will grow to enormous size with all the extra milk.

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