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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crunchy Snacks

Folks love crunchy snacks -- chips, pretzels, pita chips, bagel crisps. To keep them crunchy you can use chip bag clips, jars, or even the humble baggie. The contents of a baggie would be self evident, wouldn't you think?

Roll back to my daughter's teen years, and her boyfriends, the demolishers of crunchy snacks in quantity. Wow, those boys could eat!

One day a boyfriend was rummaging through the pantry and found a bag with crunchy bites in shades of brown. Curious soul opened the bag, grasped a handful and chowed down. He choked out, "What's in this baggie? Tastes sort of weird!"

No kidding, guy. That baggie was full of cat food.


  1. I remember that night. The cats never did like him.
    The sad part is this wasn't a stand-out moment. This kid didn't have much on the ball. I used to think 'teen daughters dumb boyfriends' was a sitcom device.

  2. The cats were hoping he didn't develop a taste for their food!

  3. I remeber well when our older sons went through everything that wasn't tied down. Hangman threatened to put a chain & padlock on the fridge & pantry, along with buying a milk cow & meat cow.

    Mrs. Hang

  4. yep, thse boys sure could eat. Mr. Chris is no slouch either. he sure is growing, isn't he!