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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring with Bear-Dog

Go walkies, Mom?

Bear is the organic early warning system around the HomePlace. He's the most stubborn dog we've ever had; I think there's some Blue Heeler in there, certainly some Rottweiler. However, he redeems himself daily; nothing goes on without his notice, and subsequent warning.
He's an enthusiastic companion whether gardening or walking. Just look at him grin! His stubby tail wags so hard, his entire butt shakes side to side.

With him, I'm secure against skunks, strangers, and trains. Trains??? Bear hates the trains that rumble along a mile away. He barks until the train sound wanes in the distance. As far as I know, he's never seen a train, but his past is a mystery. We adopted him from a shelter, who got him from another shelter as a pup. 

Bear takes time to smell the flowers

I can excuse his irrational behavior about trains though. He saved me from a skunk last fall by growling and staring. I also excuse him when he steals and chews my garden gloves, or helps me dig. The Tree Killers hired by the electric company don't stand a chance of sneaking around unnoticed, trimming the fruit trees in the right of way. 

I am such a softy for critters  to begin with, regardless of their uses. Sometimes despite their behavior.
Slowly strutting temptation for Bear

He has a running feud with Antonio Banty-Deras. Antonio taunts him by clucking and screeching, then running. Bear gives chase and gets yelled at for chasing that brazen rooster. Bear ducks in false embarrassment, and waits until nobody's looking to stalk Antonio. Antonio explodes in shrieks and tears off around the feeding area, Bear's in pursuit, and in trouble again! I know Antonio is laughing at Bear. Frankly, I'm laughing, too. He just can't resist the lure of Antonio's ruckus.

Bear's the best present I ever got Art, at least in my opinion.

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