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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Summer of Jars -- Emergency Prepardness

Found some old Mason jars in storage along with some attractive antique food jars. Back in the day the manufacturers went the extra mile to decorate the glass jars containing food. Today's jars, not so much.

As  matter of fact, there seems to be another problem with today's canning jars -- they seem to be a bit smaller than the old ones. The canning recipes don't quite fit the jars. The jar dinner recipes have required a bit of tamping down to fit.

Recipes from the "jar" cookie book have not fit in all cases. Especially the chocolate chocolate chip one. Layering in the ingredients, by the time I got to the chips, there was no room at all left in the jar. Good recipe, but problematical. I'll need to find some slightly-larger-than-a-quart jars.
                            ***               ***                 ***
Ordered more freeze dried veggies from Honeyville Farms. Friend Maggie has gone in on the order, too. This time I'm trying the potato slices, she's trying the mixed vege, and we're splitting mushrooms and dried onions. These products are so good I use them as additions to everyday cooking out here in the boonies, when I run out of something. Next month I plan on getting the peas and carrots, and maybe the tomato powder.
                        ****                  ****                ****
Drought continues unabated; the weeds even crunch under my feet. 58 days of 100+ weather, 36 days in a row. Did manage to pick a watermelon the deer didn't get to first. It was slightly underripe, but good. Leaving out water for wild birds, thinking about leaving some out for deer, too.

Please, let it rain.


  1. ouch, and I was thinking of griping about our heat. I guess I'll shutup now. At least we keep getting periodic rain up here to manage it a bit.

  2. Hey, todays temp may actually be "only" 99! Maybe. Garden still producing, but requires uch watering.Send some rain, please?