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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Drought Update

I've stopped counting the days without rain. I think I remember some in early May, but it might have been April.

Oaks are drying, dying and falling. Major fires are burning thousands of Texas acres, and thousands of homes. Happily none of the fires have threatened us so far (knocking on wood).

I'm glad we don't have horses or cows. It's hard enough to keep the gardens alive and take care of the chickens, duck and rabbits. We've lost 8 rabbits since July due to heat. The chickens walk around holding their wings away from their bodies and gaping their beaks to try to cool off. One day they looked so desperate, I sprayed them down with the water hose.

Art and Matthew processed 7 rabbits this week. Trying to get the feed bill down. The cheapest rabbit food is over $10 for 50 pounds, which maybe feeds them a week. There's precious little weeds and fresh grass to harvest and feed. Chicken feed has doubled in price. They get so excited when I give them a few chard leaves from the garden, then look accusingly at me when it's gone. Hay prices have doubled, too. We'll need some for winter and nest boxes in the fall.

The weather has cooled to stretches of days in the mere 90's. It feels almost cool to me. There's been thunder, but only a breif spit of rain, not enough to register in the rain gauge. Not enough to dampen anything.

Please, send us rain.


  1. Seriously wish I could, we have far more here than we need.

  2. O my word Helene, I really feel for you, it sounds just dreadful. I hate that I bitched about the rain yesterday - and being housebound right now it actually doesn't even make a difference to me. I'm slowly fading into pastel shades of yellow and my brain appears to be stronger - but my legs still refuse to get me going! The Dr told me it's going to take time - I guess I am impatient.
    I am including you in my prayers - not up to rain dancing at the moment! It's surely going to break for you soon.
    Loves to you all out there
    Rachel xx