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Monday, June 15, 2009

Orphan Kittens


  1. YOU HAVE AN ORANGE STRIPEY!!!! Those are second best to tuxedos. Ohhh if I didn't have 4 cats already.

    You are not pathetic (surely not in your nature) nor are you have grandkids that love their Nana.

    "Nana lives in a barn."
    "No Sarah, Nana lives on a farm."
    "Yes and she lives in a BARN because that's where you live on a farm!!!"

    Can't really argue the logic. She's never been in a "real barn" so she wouldn't know the difference.

    I like reading your blog. I will subscribe.

    Your Daughter

  2. TWO orange stripeys!! Thank you, dear, I'm practicing my writing and appreciate your support.
    I loved Sarah's comment. Maybe she can be published, too! I have an idea, which I'll talk to you about later!