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Saturday, July 25, 2009

HomePlace : Who's in Charge?

This place has gone to the cats! I woke up this morning with Varmint draped over the top of my head on my pillow. She woke up and wallowed on her back with paws flopping. If she hadn't moved I would have thought she was dead. Not a pretty sight all blurred up without my glasses.

Drawn by my movement, Ock stomped up the bed to touch noses with me. He'd had a lovely, cool drink of water first. He applied his cold, wet nose to mine and through the power of "Cat-lep-a-thy"began his morning mantra:" You awake yet (nose touch)? You awake yet (nose touch)?"Repeat until Mom reponds, "Arggh!" and leaves the bed.

Oh, look! There's a cat in the bathroom. "You have no time to brush your teeth, Mom. I, Princess Bon-Bon, am weak from hunger. Go forth to the kitchen and pour cat crunchers until they overflow our beggardly bowl." It comes out as "Yow-yow-yowl," but I get it. It's the same routine every morning.

I'll admit evil in my heart. The cold water tap was so inviting. Bon-Bon was saved by the pitiful wails of the kittens from their cage in the kitchen. Three cats in my wake, off we went. When the babies saw me, the pitiful wailing took on a demanding shriek. "We've never been fed! Feed us before we perish!" Check earlier posts for my rebuttal.

Pour the big cats' food, check their water; open the cage, pour kitten chow, replace escaped kittens. Dumb babies would try to take food from the older cats. They see themselves as invincible. The other cats see them as food supplements.

Everyone fed, coffee in hand, I shlep to my chair, and find Varmint having her early morning, post feeding nap. Amazing how fast a cat can move out of the way. She stomped off to the shower, one of her favorite nap spots.

Cats, big and little, sleep sated in their favorite spots. Soon as my coffee is finished I'll go feed Wally, the porch cat. I can hear him hollering, "Hurry up, woman! The cat's starvin'!" The chickens will hear the door crash shut, and the Clucking Cacophany Chorus will begin. The rabbits slam their feeders around as accompaniment.

Go back to bed? You must be joking! Another day at HomePlace. Humans only think they're in charge.



  1. They are growing up well and spoiled as they should be. I could bring you the other 2 you know. Then you would only be 2 from the "crazy cat lady". I'll show Rah when she comes out of her room. Right now she's quiet, which is a good, and yet bad thing...sigh... I have to go check.


  2. NO-NO-NO! No more cats. Love Varmint and Bon-Bon, and am glad you brought them, but I don't want to add "crazy cat lady" to "crazy chicken lady" and "crazy rabbit lady".
    Don't think Art needs any more animals right now.He was singing that awful song he made up about clown chicken finger strips (the McDonald's tune) to the hens today.Heat has affected the lay rate. By all means, process some of the freeloading roosters! Please! We don't need 12 roosters crowing at break of day. Want a rooster for your appartment?
    I'll pick out a really good one!