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Monday, July 20, 2009

Worst Person in the World

According to kittens, I am the worst person in the world. I am the bath lady.

A rat-like, soggy kitten has no sense of humor. Laughing at one doesn't help my popularity, but how can you not laugh? Horror dawns on the little face as its toes touch the warm water in the porch sink. Then baby shampoo is applied and massaged into the fur, with even more water. Scrambling and crying, the baby twists and stuggles. Water flies everywhere. On to the rinse basin, where more water is poured over the tiny body with one hand, while the other firmly holds the victim.
I do try to keep water out of the ears, nose, and eyes, but struggling cats make it a challenge. When I finish the last one, I'm as wet as they are.

Art dries each with a soft towel, and makes much of his/her ghastly experience with the bath lady. They cling to him with relief and shoot "how could you" looks at me.

Think the bath lady is bad, babies? Tomorrow the claw trimming lady has planned a visit.
She comes while you're sleeping.



  1. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! They look at you like you killed them. Poor widdle babies!!! Too funny!!!

  2. Later that day, Motorboat climbed up into my lap, zipped up into my face, and bit me on the nose! Kitten revenge.

  3. Sounds as much fun as giving a bath to & clipping the nails of the ferrets. They all believe that I'm out to drown or crucify them. If you think wiggling kittens are hard, just try to clip ferret nails. They squirm as well as bite.Fortunately, this weekend Tommy is here to hear all their complints about how memwaw has taken care of them while he has been away. By the way, he'll also clean their cage while he is here.

    Mrs. Hang

  4. All things considered, I'd rather bathe kittens. Ferrets are too long in the body, and waaaay too quick.
    Hope Tommy has fun cleaning the cage.