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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cat Recuperation

The girls are back from their travails at the spay/neuter clinic.  Shaved legs, throats, and bellies are a embarassment. My apologies do no good. Someone must pay!

There's a new puppy here, too. A shepherd/rottweiler mix, has come to live with us as Art's Christmas gift. How does this relate to the cats? He's a palliative.

Cats feel better when the puppy is distressed. The girls have experimented to discover the fastest way to make Bear unhappy. The easy, nearly effortless technique is  extremely suited to the cat lifestyle. They stare at him; he cries.

Bon-Bon likes to hunker down six inches from the pet crate door to glare at him. The team stare across the room occupies Fuzzums and Brighty for minutes at a time. Varmint gives him "the look" as she saunters across the living room, before plopping down on my lap to continue.

Hope the girls feel better soon, the puppy-crying is nerve wracking. I think that's my punishment for taking the girls for their life altering surgery.

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  1. Someday soon the shoe may be on the other foot. Bear is getting bigger every day and coming into his own. In a matter of minutes he went from being afraid of his "squeaky" toy to delighting in makint it squeak.
    I once had a shepard that delighted in holding down "friend kitty" for a nice bath dog style. It apealed to his sense of humor.