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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bunnies for Sale

Bunches of bunnies being handled daily; it takes hours of holding and cuddling in the fresh air to ready them for sale. Unlike most sellers we offer a flyer with contact info in case the bunny needs help or doesn't work out. We do take them back, but offer no refund.

We never got to the 100 rabbit goal, and I'm glad. We did get to 50, however, and caring for those appropriately kept us busy enough. Need to contact some folks that want breeders before we sell out.

It's amazing how many folks want bunnies for food stock. A sign of the times, no doubt. Looks like we'll also be tapping into the 4-H Rabbit Project next year, thanks to our tax accountant.

Give a thought to sustainable living, and raise rabbits; if they don't sell they'll keep your "backbutton and belly-bone separated".


  1. The Bucks insist it isn't their fault, they were willing. The Doe's say they were never consulted! The kits say they aren't weaned yet, including the ones bigger than their mothers.
    Looking forward to selling the littles tomorrow, but not near as much as the doe's.

  2. Hopefully next weekend will be less windy. I thought we might end up in Oz before the end of Saturday.