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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Continuing to be Blessed with Pears

Update : HE-HE-HE! We are DONE with pears! Except to eat fresh ones  until they're gone. The post I wrote last week when I was still working on pears follows.

Pear and Honey Preserve           
Orange Nutmeg Pear Butter
Frozen Pears in Juice
Cinnamon Pear Sauce
Pear Nectar

Looks like two more pickings of Asian pears to go, maybe one more from D'Anjou tree. We're down to freezing them to turn into delecacies later. Such bounty due to unusual rains in June, I'm sure.

Think I'll mix some pears and berries to make some more jam. Apple and berry turned out lip smackin' good.

Back to the store for more jars and pectin soon.

Melons will ripen soon; wonder what I can do with them. Watermelon pickles anyone?

Next year I want to plant ground cherries. I found several intriguing recipes. Maybe Honeyberries, too?

Planting fall seeds; planning spring garden;  canning, canning, canning; and freezing whatever I can. Selling and saving, the farm gives us as much as the work we put into it and more.

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