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Sunday, August 15, 2010

O Watermelon Divine!

Oh, watermelon, apple of mine eye!
Hiding 'mongst the leaves so shy,
Waiting for a passing shower
Lurking in your leafy bower.

Hauling water, pulling weeds,
We cater to your daily needs.
Gazing daily as you grow
Time does pass exceeding slow.

We turn you gently seeking yellow
Upon your belly, jolly fellow.
A thoughtful thump. Listen! Hark!
You'll be chilled before it's dark.

Ma-Moo's old tub, galvanized,
Holds you, drawing all our eyes.
You're cradled, tubbed in icy cool,
Crisp and sweet, provoking drool.

Hurry melon, we await!
We yearn for you upon our plate!
A flash of silver; you split apart.
Green, and white, and sweet red heart.

Crunching, slurping, spitting seeds,
We worship summer in the weeds.
Friends and family, smiles divine. 
The day we pluck you from the vine.

1 comment:

  1. And the joy doesn't end with us. The rabbits and chickens will feast on the rine.