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Monday, September 20, 2010

Farmers Almanac Swimsuits / I Am Soooo Tired

I'm glowing like ladies do (not sweating); I think I could use one of those swimsuits pictured above! I changed into dry clothes and put the "dewy" ones in the wash as soon as my breath steadied down to normal. Gloriously cool out, but when you weed, shovel dirt, pick veggies, collect critter water bottles, and pick up recycled cans that were strewn all over the place, you raise that old heart rate.

Then walk a little with the dog! I'm logging my progress on Route 66 on the AARP site. Today I reached Springfield, Illinois. One mile credited for every minute of exercise logged in; the gardening counts too.

Has anyone out there developed an allergy to fire ants over time?  I know the stings are painful, but now they itch and swell, too. Took some store brand anti-histamine tablets. Waiting for my left palm to stop itching -- am I allergic or going to get some money (per superstition)? 


  1. And to think I was so excited over a swimsuit post. (Next time I will help you find a better picture)

  2. Those were lovely ladies in their own time, Burnett!
    Now I am challenged to find more and worse pictures!