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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Man and His Cat ( Post Gout Attack)

You  may sing songs of a man and his dog,
 Companions in work and in play.
But consider a tale of a man and his cat
Together for hours each day.

The man is book-writing, his cat's in the way.
 She's hungry for notice, just won't let him be. 
 Fluff-Ums needs petting and now would be best. 
"Pet Fluffs, Sir, and I might just cease."

"Fluff-Ums, I'm busy, I'm writing," he grumps.
"I'll pet you when this chapter ends."
"Now," she says, " Now, I simply can't wait!
I thought you and I were best friends"

Fluff-ums attaches herself to his shirt.
A wet spot appears on his chest.
She's nursing for comfort, and smacking aloud,
When kitty needs solace, this man is the best.

They dream of a time when Fluff was quite small,
 An orphan who needed his care.
When life gets too hard, and the stress is too much,
Fluff knows that her man will be there.

If her man is dead tired, is hurt, or not well,
She's busily kneading his chest,
Repaying his kindnesses present and past.
  She's purring him better, then best.


  1. Sounds like Loki when he wants attention. He buts his muzzle up under your arm til you pet him. Right now he's enjoying mom's chair while I'm not in it.

    Mrs. Hang