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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Afternoon at the Tractor Pull -- May 14, 2011 Bremond, TX

Tractor "track" in -- digital display for length of the pull

Kudos to the Brazos Valley Antique Tractor and Engine Club; I had a most entertaining afternoon at their first event. This is the first tractor pull I've ever attended. 

The track was finished early this morning and was regularly maintained throughout the day. 


Hitch up to the sled, and make your run!
  We have a 1945 Farm-All H, so I'm partial to Farm-Alls. Many different sizes and shapes, but all International Red.

When the front wheels go up, life gets interesting

Best to keep wheels on the ground


I remember seeing Minneapolis-Molines when I lived in Wisconsin. Usually they smoke a lot more when running hard.

Tractors and drivers vary in size, tractors organised by weight class

Art admires Hot Rod tractor which uses dragster fuel

 The Hot Rods are amazing tractors -- loud as their namesakes, powerful pullers, and fast, too. Top speed today was 19 mph, which looks a lot faster in person.
6000 class tractor and another Hot Rod Tractor

Santa drives a Hot Rod in May

Suddenly "Here Comes Santa Claus" blasted out over the speakers. Santa hitched 
up to the sled, shook his hands out at arms length and settled into his seat to the roars of the crowd. What a great a great run! He fairly flew!

Deafening! Poor kiddo! I was holding my ears, too!

Nothing like the smell of diesel fuel in the afternoon!

Activities for the kids, booths with souveniers, loads of booths with barbecue and other Texas treats, a silent auction, some great emcees, and beautiful weather made the day a pleasure.

By the way, did you know there are Country Western songs about tractors?

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