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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Couldn't I Post?

Today I'll share a rant with you. Two weeks I've spent trying to get signed in to my blog or comment on other folks' blogs.

When I abandoned aol, and tried to sign in using Internet Explorer, it was mere seconds until I was signed in and blogging. To my readers, apologies.

Does anyone know what's been going on? The Blogger help section is full of complaints starting in May about not being able to access blogs.


  1. Skip AOL's special browser, use Internet Explorer or Firefox. There, problem solved :P

    Sorry couldn't resist. I've not used AOL in years and even when it was my internet provider I usually used a different browser. Most likely one of the recent Blogger upgrades isn't compatible with AOL's browser and they've not bothered to fix it yet (either "they" in this case, AOL or Google).

  2. YAY You are back xx Missed you - was getting worried :) I only ever hear bad things about AOL and that one should never go near it because once it's in your machine you can never, ever get it out!
    I only had a couple of days where I couldn't get on :) x

  3. Have to agree with Rach about AOL (that hurt), Aol is bad. Glad that your back me dear.

  4. Ah, this is likely the answer to the issue: they don't mention AOL specificly but I'll bet this is the problem. I doubt that AOL is using an updated version.

    Seriously though, don't use the AOL browser, its full of holes and always has been. Use IE or Firefox.

  5. Thanks for your help folks! Missed all of you!