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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deeply Sad -- Poor Bunny

Lost another rabbit to the heat today. Now a total of four have died, even though they get their water checked twice a day and ice bottles in the afternoon to cosy up to.

This purebred doe was one I'd hoped to keep to breed the next season. Stupid early hot weather gave us 100F again today. This should be July weather, not June.

The rabbit I found down a few days ago nearly broke my heart. Its siblings were licking it and nudging it to get it to get up. He was cold and stiff, but they kept trying.

So many terrible things happening in the world, and I'm depressed over rabbits dying.  I handled the first two fairly well, but these last two have shaken me up more than I expected. Maybe I need a reality check.


  1. We've had abnormally hot weather up here too, dispite all the rain. Though its finally cooled off the last couple days (cooling accompanied by more rain, you folks need to do a better rain dance so it'll swing by you and run out before it gets here).

    It was hot enough (hit 97 on Wednesday which broke a record) that the puppy, who normally begs to go out constantly, didn't want to go outside for more than the minute or two it took to do his business.

    I don't have any suggestions for the rabbits though, sorry! (btw, the folks at Crazy K Farm are in Hempstead, TX. No idea how far that is from where you are, but they do a chicken equivelent of the Kitty Holster, and will make a Kitty Holster custom to the measurements you provide if nessecary so I imagine they could come up with something for a rabbit. Tobi's a sweet lady who'd likely be more than happy to see what she could come up with for you.

  2. Actually, now that I'm thinking about Crazy K, Tobi said something about buying a misting system to keep her chickens cool (on her facebook) would something like that work for the rabbits? (course that requires water.....)


    Ran across that today while looking at other stuff, no idea if it would help, or be enough, but thought I'd suggest it, its not expensive nor supposed to use alot of water.

  4. Hah, ask and you shall receive!!!%29.html