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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Due to a commercial I saw at age six, I learned to recite the process of gas line freeze and got lots of adult attention. I was hooked on commercials from then on. Current day TV ads are amazing compared to the ones in the 50's, amazing and occasionally horrifying.

I adore the Prius commercial. I wouldn't buy the car, but the colors and movements are mesmerizing. At first, I'm embarassed to say, I thought the people portraying the sun, flowers, trees, grass, etc. were real. Computer animation, Helene -- technology! I still love watching the colors bloom in a wave as the car drives by.

The SyFy channel plays a commercial using an actual scuba diving cat. What twisted individual thought this up? I know cats, I can't imagine one voluntarily submitting to a water activity. Poor soggy kitty, I hope he gets cream with his crunchers! Worse yet, Art points out the adventurous cat, and disses our (flock? herd? group?) of felines. Inspired, Art gets out the remote control helicopter, and adds "adventure" to their lives. I hate that commercial.

Then we have commercials for Viagra, Cialis, and other drugs of that ilk. Catchy tune there, Viagra. I can imagine a group of six year olds singing that one! Cialis seems to work only in conjunction with non-functioning bathtubs placed in the wilderness or at the beach. Two seperate tubs yet! How does THAT work? Is there water in those tubs, or are they sitting in them dry?And where are the towels or robes? How far did they have to walk naked to get to the tubs? How far away are the neighbors, and do they have a telescope? How do I explain all this to the grandbabies, should they ask?

Gotta go, I think I hear the Uncle Ben's commercial gearing up. Oooohhhh, pretty colors! Good rice, too!



  1. Isn't it wonderful how they stage those things?
    I've seen several commercials that make no sense at all. Others that you have to wait to the end of the commercial to find out what company or product it is about. As for the tubs, just tell the kiddes that those actors have something on where it can't be seen.

    Mes. Hang

  2. Delightfully simple --bathing suits. Now, how to explain erectile dysfunction? I'm thinking of going with either: your Mom/Dad will explain or it's nothing you need to worry about. Probably they won't even ask.
    Have you seen the Extenze commercials with the leering wife talking about "fun"? Good greif!


  3. I am also distrubed and confused about the 2 bathtubbed Cialis questions is "Just why?"

    I wonder if Elvis is rolling over in his grave..."VIVAAAAAA, VIAGRA!!!!!"

    If you really want something to keep you entertained for hours...go to YouTube, look for the Dominos "Noid", or the disturbing critters from the Quiznos commercials. OR even worse...Monchichi... You will find all the older commercials...for stuff you can't believe you wanted.

    Mom, must show Art the "Noid" commercials. I wonder what happened to my "Noid". He had an ugly tie.


  4. Thanks for the tip about old commercials. Will show Art shortly.

    Do you remember "Log for Girls"? Talk about an item.... Sheer creativity.

    Actually Elvis showed up in a novel I just finished. He was so druggged before death and turned just before it was too late. He became
    a vampire known as "Bubba". Kinda slow, but still southern. No-one was allowed to tell him who he used to be.