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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Peed On

This is probably the last picture of the three kittens together in the house. I was sitting with 'Boat in my lap this morning when I felt a warm, wet sensation. The little beggar peed on me! He's the orange striped one on the right.
Understand this wasn't the first incident of peeing outside the box. He's peed on the bed twice (once on Art-bad idea), annointed Art's chair, gotten both beanbag pillows, the floor and any clothing items he found on the floor. We've tried spanking him, rubbing his nose on the wet spot, and locking him in the pet carrier. Nothing works. The other kittens use the boxes, which are kept clean daily. He chooses not to.
'Boat became a porch cat this morning. He has food, water, and a litter pan. He looked Art in the face, ambled over to the pan and used it as if to say, "See, I know what this is for. Let me back in?" Not likely, since I just let him in this morning from an evening on the porch.
We brought him some snacks at dinner time, but outside is final unless anyone has any ideas. I feel really bad about this, but I don't want the place reeking of cat urine.


  1. Maybe, since he is a human raised kitten and not a cat raised kitten...and you had to "encourage" them to void bladder and bowels...maybe when he relaxes, his little muscles just "let go". Maybe he needs a trip to the cat doctor. If he isn't peeing with glee in his eyes, it may be a medical thing. Just a suggestion. You could have Art design and manufacture cat diapers.

  2. Sadly, he seems to choose fabric over a litter pan, even if he has to go farther.Addicted to softness I guess.

    Wally has become more accepting of someone who shares the pet-pets and the food. He bunted 'Boat gently with his head this AM.

    Boat waits for his own pets and special snacks and hasn't wandered off. I was afraid he'd disappear when he first went out.

  3. Maybe he thinks that he is a dog marking its territory. Either that or he has matured faster that his siblings(you know where it's time for snipping certain things)

    Mrs/ Hang