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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've Been Thinking / I've Got An Idea!

The phrases most often causing angst in husband and son are :

* I've been thinking...

* I've got an idea...

I have wonderful ideas about lots of things! There are projects to do outside on the farm and inside the house. Sometimes I find them online or in books or magazines. The best ones are the ones I think up on my own, or modifications of projects I've seen somewhere.

After the groaning and whining have ceased, I've been told my newest idea is a lot of work. Sometimes they'll try to tell me it can't be done.

I find it difficult to believe that as Empress of the HomePlace, my subjects could be so unruly. What good is it being the Empress if all I get is a lot of argument? It's not like I can do this stuff on crutches. I am, however, a fine cheering section and purveyor of food and drink to the workers. I do put forth effort -- it takes energy to think these projects up.

All I wanted was a porch on the front of my office (the Hut)/ guest house. "Oh, I forgot," I said, " It needs to go around the east side of the building, too. And it needs a ramp. By the way, I've been thinking it needs a privacy screen on the south side of the porch so I can sit out and see the woods and not the house. While we're at it, some kind of climbing vine planted to climb up the screen would be good. I've got an idea! Let's have a roof on the porch for shade. I realize," I said," the Hut needs to be leveled, wiring run, AC installed, walls and roof insulated, walls paneled, and floor carpeted first.... "

The rest of my ideas were drowned out by manly shrieks.



  1. It is good to know that even the Empress has problem with the help. As Queen B I'm too often ignored or told it cost too much, so I fully understand your dilemmas.

    Enjoyed visiting with you and your consort the other day. Hope you got some nifty ideas and new plans.

    Why not call your blog The Empress of HomePlace or The Empress Speaks. Just a couple of thoughts good luck.

    Queen B

  2. I enjoyed our visit as well. I'm going to try several of those ideas! Maybe this blog will get
    a sub-title as well about the Empress. Thanks for the input.

    Both son and husband have read this installment and laughed. Granted the laughing was tinged with hysteria, though. Cost of a project is always prohibitive, so tell your subjects it doesn't matter.

    What do you call one entry in a blog anyways?


  3. My problem is that Hangman will get an idea all by himself. He then proceeds to start the project, but never finishes. I've been waiting since before Chris was born for my ceramic tile floor to be finished!

    Mrs. Hang