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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something Wrong With This Cat?

Ock brings socks. Sounds like Dr. Seuss doesn't it? Hmmmmm.

Ock brings sox.
Cat's gift, Art mocks.
Ock will howl,
Art will growl.
The sox come from Art's box.
He wishes he had locks.                           

Out of Art's box,
The one minus locks,
Cat brought sox when we left.
His feelings were bereft.
He'd pile them in a stack,
Hoping we'd come back.

Piling up the stack,
Hoping we'd come back.
He brings sox now before we go,
Puts on a loud and wailing show.
Something wrong in that cat's brain,
Piles of sox become our bane.

Something wrong in the brain,
Sox in piles become our bane.
Now this habit's gotten worse,
What he brings is quite a curse.
Our underwear festoons the room.
The cat is courting looming doom.

Underwear festoons the room,
Cat approaching looming doom.
Afraid to let in visiting folk,
This habit has become a joke.
He howls as he comes down the hall,
Sox in his mouth, rolled in a ball.

Howling coming down the hall,
Socks rolled up into a ball.
I'm sad to say I think it's funny.
Not so! thinks Art, who is my honey.
I hope you folks enjoyed this ditty.
I have to go rescue the kitty.
  ***             ***
Sorry, I couldn't resist.


  1. I did indeed enjoy the ditty.
    It drew me out of my self pity!


  2. Thank you, thank you.You have excellent taste, or a lot of forbearance.
    Holding good thoughts for you in the days to come.

  3. Fee-Fie-Fo-Fat
    Here comes the Kat
    Dragging out my underwear
    Filling me with despair

    Collecting in the living room
    With socks and jocks he seals his doom
    Airing for all the world to see
    Some comes from the laundry

    Momma thinks that Ock is cute
    His game is calculated to suit
    He touches not her underwear
    From Momma’s lap he smirks
    I glair

    The kitty hasn’t thought this through
    It’s not like there’s nothing I can do
    I love the Ock, I squeeze him tight
    Ockie squeals in delight

    I kiss him on his little head
    I pet his head like a puppy
    I hold him up above my head
    He has no neck, no ears and a face of dread

    Ock plays his games
    I play mine
    This will go on time after time

  4. Maybe he's secretly taking lessons from Tara. Sheloves to have something in her mouth. Some of the things are socks, shoes, leaves, cans, toy cars ans small balls.

    Mrs. Hang

  5. As I recall Tara is a Black Lab mix, correct? They're always carrying something it seems. Aren't they bird dogs?

    I recall when Hangman helped me bring some birds to a historical event in Humble. Remember how Tara was afraid of the chicks in the pet carrier?

  6. Yes, we're talking about our half Lab, half Weimerainer. Also remember this dog is afraid of the ferrets.

    Mrs. Hang