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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Updates - First Week of September

Updates! Thats what this blog needs.  Here we go!

This morning Art said he can feel when I've got an idea. He describes it as a trembling sensation. Hmmm. He was dragging the waterhose up to the garden at the time. I'd gone up to check the freezer gardens and they were dry. Do we have ideas by telepathy?
Boat, the peeing cat, continues to live on the porch. Stand still for more than a moment and she'll (yep, another girl) climb you to be held and petted. She and Wally, the senior porch cat, have an on- again-off-again truce. When Wally is having a mood, he chases her under a set of shelves. When he's feeling mellow, they share the food dish.
Boat lurks by the front door hoping for somone slow (me)to open the portal . Once the way is open, she streaks in to grab a bite to eat and roughhouse with her sisters. Then the humans spoil everything and put her back outside. Her sisters don't miss her; Wally has taught her to play rough. Once ejected, Boat waits for the door to open again. The process repeats all day.                                        

When preparing to cook raccoon, pierce the meat and soak it in reconstituted dry milk for 24 hours, That makes for a milder tasting meat. Thanks, Hangman, for that tip many years ago. It's proved to be a useful one; it works on all kinds of game meat.
Working hard on my first fiction short story. Writing non-fiction seems so easy for me, but this quite a challenge. I've got a 3,000 word limit for a contest I want to enter, and have nearly 2,000. How will I finish in another 1,000 words and get everything sewed up? If I had no word limit, this story could end up being a romance! How's that for a surprise? Someone must think I've run out of homework, so I got a new lesson, as the old saying goes.
Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. The ideas are scarie. I just go with them. It's like the vilians on the old movie's used to say - "Resistance is Useless!"

    Boat has taken to helping me dip candles (big help)and takes his half of the vienna sauages. Part of the problem with Wallie is Boat feels the need to play, read bomb from great heights and run like hell. Wally feels his digenity isn't getting it's proper due. He chases boat under the yellow shelf. Does it end there? Get real. As soon as he isn't looking Boat sneaks out and does it all again.

    If I had any idea how good Raccoons taste I would have been hunting them with a vengence years ago.

    Janet Evanovich is complicating my life. Not only do I show up at Barnes and Noble the day the new Stephanie Plums are released, I'm now buying the romances. There just to funny to pass up, but a guy buying remances can be miss read, no pun intended.

  2. "Resistance is futile!" I think I heard that one in some sort of Space Opera. I'm glad you understand how things go.

    The Idea Lady