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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why is Matthew smiling, eyes gleaming?  He just shot the flame off the candle he's holding. On the first try! Notice the candle wick - flame out, no candle destruction.

It wasn't enough that he could cut a playing card in half edge-wise. My boy loves a challenge, and this was the newest.

He used his trusty .45 Springfield XV, which he carries out here on the farm. Out in the boonies there are critters that can hurt you.

  Matt's been in shooting sports since he was a kid, participating in Cowboy Action Shooting with Art and I. Then he did a stint in the Army; I'm sure that improved his skills even more. He hunts every year and we love the venison he brings in.

Yes, I'm proud of his skills, and happy that he is passing his them on to his kids. Eleven and six, they both practice with their dad and mom, sometimes Art and I join them. Shooting sports have always been an enjoyable family activity for us. In my case, shooting from a chair or standing with crutches, I can still play with my family.

As for Mr. Look-I-Snuffed-The-Flame-Out? He's teaching the kids how to shoot small targets like shotgun shells, and the occasional acorn, for the oldest one. That's a different kind of challenge, and he's rising to meet it. I hope to see both of the kids snuff a candle someday.


  1. As long as he doen't get too big for his britched. Wouldn't want to have to repeat a certain lesson from long ago.

    Mrs. Hang

  2. He has become quite useful. Glad I didn't drowned him when he was a kid.

  3. I believe you are referring to the ceiling fan incident, Evalynn? I would pay good money to see you do that now; the "boy" outweighs you, and would be mighty hard to lift.

    I'm glad you didn't Art, I'm kinda attached to him.

  4. Kid can drive nails with anything that throws a bullet, d*&n his eyes. ;-)

  5. I agree, Harriet. I hope his sharp eyes continue for a long time to come. He seems to be gifted at repairing and tuning them up, too.