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Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Pumpkin Shoot

October 17 we hosted the Brazos Writers at The Great Pumpkin Shoot. We posted this sign at the road so folks could find us, but several got lost. When they inquired the police, they didn't know where we were either. Stacy, my daughter-in-law and I went to town to find any other stragglers.We do live away out in the boonies!

                                                                            Photo by Jean Marie Linhart
Hangman served breakfast at 9:00. Here's the bear sign bubbling in oil. Pioneers named this drop donut after bear scat. The cinnamony flavor is delectable, despite the name. Breakfast finished with burritos and fresh coffee. We finished breakfast as    Hangman started lunch.
Hangman divided his time between tutoring new shooters
and  creating early Texas foods. Stew can simmer today while
folks get other work done as in the past.
photo by Jean Marie Linhart                                                           

Timo  found the Texas tourists
look for but seldom find. He "technically"
traveled the longest distance to reach our shoot, even
though he's lodging in College Station as an exchange
student at Texas A&M.

photo by JML

photo by Amy Sharp

Leah's picture is one of my favorites during
the morning practice session. She
should win the biggest smile award for
  a first time shooter. She finished firing a
12-gauge shotgun and is toting more shells
 to try it again!
photo by Amy Sharp
Are Ali and Matthew hoping to save these pumpkins,
or are they hoping to shoot some, too? Both
are good shots trained by our extended family.

photo by Amy Sharp

Chris hopes he can save this one.All the kids were a
 big help during the event, running erands, taking photos,
 and talking to guests. Ali was especially gracious speaking
to departing guests. I 'm so proud of her!

Pumpkins lined up after a lunch of beef stew, roasted
chickens, and cornbread with molasses or Steen's cane syrup.
Shooters readied themselves behind the firing line.

photo by A.S.

Pumpkin parts fly as shooters use
six-guns, shotguns and rifles to
protect HomePlace against orange

After a little peach cobbler fresh off the fire,
guests left discussing the guns of the Old West,
and asking when we'd be able to do another
event. We'd be happy to oblige!


  1. It was a wonderful event that was still being discussed a week later at the Writers Bar Camp. We will be doing another one after the first of the year.

  2. well im glad all who showed had fun. but next time i think we will hunt something alittle bit bigger. now where did i put moms old car????

  3. Yep, that was a fine event. I'm already looking forward to the next. Maybe some checked tablecloths in red and white, spaghetti, and sparkling grape juice in wine glasses?