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Friday, October 16, 2009

Scattered Notes - Homeplace Events

Things have been extremely busy as we ready for our first event here at HomePlace. If you've followed Art's Blog, you know about The Great Pumpkin Shoot kicking off at 9:00 A.M. tomorrow. If not, please check the link near the bottom of the page here. He's got good pics; I took several.


Picked Swiss chard today for the critters after I planted some onion seeds. I checked the pumpkin vines, and saw a few were still attached; there's been a problem with blossom end rot. While standing there it occurred to me that something smelled really good -- like food. It was the squash blossoms. To my diet-demented mind they smelled delicious. I know you can eat them battered and deep fried, but Dr. Sterling would have a fit.

He's been supervising me on a partial fast. I've lost 30# in six weeks. More to go of course, but I'm maintaining a good attitude with the help of family and friends. Thanks, folks!


Nearly time for rabbit breeding to begin again. We need a few hutch repairs before the does can go on their "dates". Mamas need dry, protected nurseries for their babies. We need to get some hay to line the nest boxes, too.

Buttercup and Trigger, our Palomino rabbits, will create our first litter of that breed. We have to get the first litter in well before  Easter ; sometimes the first one is lost because the doe is inexperienced.

In this picture, Buttercup is 4 months old and the size of our other rabbits. Both buns finally have come to full growth, and are huge! Each must outweigh our other rabbits by 3 or 4 pounds. They'll give us some nice bunnies come spring.

The other does are rested, and ready to begin again. We need a good supply for this season. We ran out of bunnies last Easter and had to take orders. They don't sell as well after Easter, generally.


  1. We survived THE GREAT PUMPKIN SHOOT! That's good. We have cleaned up and discovered there is life after The Great Pumpkin Shoot. That's good.
    I can feel my feet again. That's not.

  2. Helene, congratulations on your 30 pound loss! I am so proud of you. It is one of the hardest things you will do in your life but well worth the effort. And it does get easier. The eating tips Dr. Sterling is giving you will carry you a long way. I was at my healthiest when I had a garden and snacked my way through the patch eating raw everything! I miss teaching water aerobics and recommend the nice heated pool at St. Joseph's Rehab or the crisp cool water at Aerofit on Villa Maria! Rock on, girl!