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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

HomePlace critters wish you a Happy Father's Day. Feed us-- NOW!

You hug us, kiss us, make us cry.
You think you are a funny guy.
We sit our butts where you rest your head,
and cough up hairballs on your bed.
The House Cats

You bring us "Viennas" for our snacks.
You rub our bellies and our backs.
We love you, Dad,without a doubt.
Let us in, and the other cats out
The Porch Cats
(We love you best!)

I am your dog, I love you dearly, 
Even when you yell so clearly:
" Stop chasing chickens; no stealing the cat food!"
I'll come to your call if I'm feelin' the mood.
Bear Dog

"Bring me food. No! I am first!"
" Hurry, water me; I thirst!"
I'll have a tantrum and throw my dishes
If you don't cater to my bunny wishes.
The Rabbits (all 37 and counting)

Lean down and reach for eggs, we beg.
We'll peck you sharply on the leg.
Feed us now and make it snappy,
Kitchen scraps might make us happy.

The Roosters and Hens
(You know better-- chickens aren't ever satisfied!)

Have a busy, yet happy day.

The woodland creatures decline to comment! Too much with the shooting and traps!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you one and all beasties. I treasure you all in turn - my own special way.
    As for the racoons, possums and squirrels, the cost of raiding supplys and stealing chickens is a date with the freezer. Turn about ya know.