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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Orphan Kitten Update-- The Gift

"Boat" gifted us with four kittens three weeks ago.
They're chow hounds just like their momma. She used to grab onto the bottle fiercely when we hand fed her and her sisters after their momma, Halloween, disappeared last year.

Poor Boat, thinned out badly from kitten nursing, breathes a sigh of gratitude as babies learn to eat Kitten Chow. KC works well for Momma Kats, too.

Quite mobile now, babies try to help humans do laundry. Perhaps they search for scorpions, a favorite snack of our older cats. Small kitten-people need to be bigger before they try hot and spicy snacks!

"OOOOH! This shirt smells like the lady who brings the food!"

Another generation of porch cats joins the HomePlace. Invincible mousers, they work to clear the farm of rodents, keeping the number of snakes down, so "The Lady that Brings Food" will be safe. Thank you, Boat, for these beautiful and useful children.

P.S. Should anyone desire to adopt one, we would not stand in the way of a kitten's life of leisure in someone's home.

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  1. We may have a home for one of the "Pocket Panthers." One of our writer buddies is thinking about a cat.