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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Summer roared in early this year on tongues of flaming temps. Usually late May and most of June are moderate. Too may days in the 90's already. Working up a sweat in the garden daily, slugging down plenty of water, but...

Planting Jubilee watermelons was yesterday's chore, to ensure a ready supply. Nothing soothes a parched mouth like watermelon, chilled to perfection. Most everyone enjoys the fruit that embodies summer.

These geese-of-the-past (found while browsing pics in an old file) loved their melon once they decided it wasn't an enemy. We had so many melons that year we could sacrifice half a melon for our Embdens' enjoyment.


Never trust poultry around melons. Ever. This Silver Dorking
 hen convinced me to either eat melon in the house or
 pen up opportunist chickens before eating melon outside.

I looked away for a moment to talk to Art. When I turned
back, I faced beady, glaring chicken-eyes. She was standing on
my watermelon slice, on the plate on my lap. GAAAH! I know where chickens walk! Those feet were sunk claw deep in my melon!

Reflexes propelled the plate, melon, and attached chicken into the air. I was done! Finished!

Took me nearly a week of 100 degree plus temps before I could look at watermelon again without feeling queasy.

1 comment:

  1. I remember the chicken landing in your watermellon. My ear nearest you was ringing for a week!