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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goldie, the Watch-Duck

Goldie, previously referred to as an exotic woman, has found her role on the HomePlace. She's the assistant to Bear Dog. He barks at the meter reader; she quacks raucously at the meter reader. A car pulls up, Bear barks, and Goldie joins in. Obviously we needed a watch-duck for the farm.

She's louder than the dog, and more persistant. She just needs Bear to get her started. She goes on and on and on. Do ducks get laryngitis? Apparently not. I like the warnings, and don't want to hurt her feelings by yelling, but we need to figure out how to stop her after five minutes or so.

The racket is upsetting the chickens she rooms with. They're already angry about her swims in their water dish, and  this noise has affected their laying. The chickens that came with Goldie have picked up the slack, but the Cornish Gals need to get with it. I'm hoping they'll get used to the new regime soon. Goldie has started laying and I'll put up with a lot of quacking for yummy duck eggs!

She takes such joy in quacking and she's quite good at it. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. A delightful, and loud. duck. She isn't impressed with the Chickens complaints. After all, they "LET" her eat first.

  2. I had a duck as a small child. This duck wouldn't let me go into the street. My mom said that it would quack at me til I got back into an area of yard it felt comfortable with. Unfortunately, one morning we came out of the garage apartment to find it gone--guess someone had goose for dinner.

    Mrs. Hang