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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Screen Porches for Plants

Frustrated to tears over the last grasshopper depredations on my newly transplanted fall garden, Art came to the rescue. He took some rabbit cage wire, clipped it into a cylinder, cut some screen, and turned the parts over to me for sewing. I whip stitched the screen onto the "sides" and top, and stitched the bottom edge around the cylinder.

Pushed into the soil around the plants, it's a hopper-proof covering that lets sunshine, air, and water through for the plants. It will hold up sheets when the weather gets cold, so the plants aren't crushed when they are covered on freezing nights.

I love this idea! The screen porches look tidy and keep those wretched grasshoppers out. This is a project that will continue as we cover various gardens to protect those lucious, tender plants.


  1. These look good if I do say so myself. Nothing like the warm glow that comes of watching a couple of grasshoppers walking around on the outside of the screen houses.