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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emergency Preparedness -- 2 Liter Bottles

As the 2 liter bottles from Diet Coke piled up around us, we recycled them, but came to the conclusion they could become part of our Emergency Plan. Here's a few uses:

Buns cooling off
 Fill rinsed 2 liter bottles with drinking water, leave some headspace, and freeze them. They keep the freezers here filled when space is open and help keep things frozen when the power goes out. Then we can use the generator less. Thaw a few when you're thirsty for a cold drink. Tuck a few into an ice chest to keep foods that need refrigeration cool. Use them to ice injuries or as a cold pack to treat folks who are sensitive to heat.

Build a water filter. Warning: You must still treat the water with bleach or purification tablets. Cut the bottom of the bottle off, lay some cheesecloth   inside over the neck, tuck in a layer of cotton fluff, a layer of sand, and a layer of gravel. Run muddy water through the filter to remove gross imputities, then treat cleared water with chemicals before drinking.

Cut the bottoms off some more 2 liters, rubber band some screen or loosely woven fabric over the neck, and place over tender seedlings as a mini-greenhouse when cold snaps threaten. Fill several with water and place them in a ring around tender plants and you've got something similar to the Wall o' Water at zero dollars.

In a pinch, the bottles can be used for dry storage of rice, lentils, beans,etc. Not as good as glass, but usable. Use a bottle cut in half and use as a large funnel, too!

What uses have you found for 2 liter bottles?
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One day old palimino pinkie rabbits
 Rabbit Maternity Report:

Silver (grey Lop) - 7 born March 1 (1st litter)
Brown-Eyed Susan (Palomino) 9 born March 1 (2nd litter, 1st to survive)
Bonnie (Black) - 7  Feb. 28 ( dependable momma)
Specs (Broken coat pattern) nothing...Think this round is a "dud"
Joyce - (grade Californian) due March 12

Weaned the first three litters of this year (Born end of January) last week. Looks like we'll need more cages soon...Art??? Cut some wire? My hands get tired way too quickly, so I assemble cages after Art cuts the panels. The herd is over 50 again, and three more does are ready to re-breed.

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  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Excellent post. Good advice on the bottles. They do come in handy.