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Thursday, March 24, 2011

With a Little Help... (More Emergency Prep)

The Joe Cocker version of "With a Little Help from My Friends" is playing in my head as my song of the day. Why? Hangman and family visited last weekend and he brought my traditional birthday gift and more. What was it?

Bagged and brown, it's manure! 1000 pounds of gardening richness, in bags. That man knows what to buy a woman who gardens, all right! More and better homegrown produce to can!

 Not only that, but he brought the Ball Blue Book, two flats of canning jars, canning spices and mixes, and a set of canning tools! He says it's my birthday, Christmas,  and all the other gifts of the year, and probably next year, too. Thanks, Hangman! I've already used a flat of the jars to bring my total of Jarred Dinners to 80!

With the pressure canner ready to go, I really needed a new jar lifter. Mine is probably antique, it falls apart when I try to use it unless I bend it first. Imagine the accidents in a canning kitchen with an undependable lifter. I shiver as I imagine the sound of breaking jars.

From the Blue Book I've learned rabbit meat can be canned with bones in. I wasn't looking forward to boning all that rabbit meat first. There's some delicious recipes for stews, and main dishes to try, and veggie recipes too.

 I think I'd better re-organise my pantry soon. When I complete the Jarred Dinners one shelving unit will be full. I need another unit to hold the pressure canned items I'm planning, so it looks like a spell of carpentry looms on the horizon.
                                                  *             *               *
Can't get to the dehydrator yet. It's behind the insulation pile in the Hut.
Seedlings fill the porch kitchen counters waiting for us to finish one of the back gardens. Weeding has taken three days, and we're making hay of some of the wild grass we're pulling up. Rabbits seem to like it.

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