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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emergency Prep -- Finding Dried Foods

Taking a break from filling jars to hunt down more supplies. Somewhere in our mega storage units is a dehydrator. I need to find it ASAP!!!
Ruth's hint to try King Arthur Flour company for cheese powder was a good one -- Thanks!

Went on an interesting shopping trip this past week. Looking for plant seedlings I was surprised to note the diminished supplies of same. Wal-Mart had fewer in number total, fewer varieties, and some of my favorites from years past were missing. Talked to the clerk in the gardening area. She said, " This is what we have left from the order we got this morning. We don't know when we'll be getting more." I noticed the Jubilee watermelon plants were just the seed leaves that first emerge, no true leaves at all; I took several home to nurture until large enough to plant.

Lowe's plants were outside as usual, but several were stressed/scalded from the sun. Lots of tomato plants (no cherry tomatoes), but again the number of varieties were more limited than last year. Even fewer types of peppers, both sweet and hot. The cole crops looked a little "peak-ed" and gangly from lack of light. Strawberry plants were outrageous in price.

In both locations, six packs have downsized to four packs. If you plan on planting any commercial seedlings, go get them now. What I can't get as plants I'll start seeds for.Too bad the greenhouse burned two years ago. I really miss it. Lots of people are buying plants and starting gardens this year. Don't be disappointed!

Brazos Valley Natural Foods stocked the "Red" lentils I wanted. The green ones and brown ones readily available were ugly! If we're eating emergency supplies, they should look appetizing, yes? Dried vegetable flakes were on sale -- $1 off per bag. They also had celery flakes and green bell pepper flakes in bulk so I could try out a small amount. In a hurry at the time, I need to go back and see what else they have available to try.

The Ready Store order hasn't come yet (3-6-11). I know they said there was a delay, but I'm trying to work out a shepherd's pie jar dinner, and getting impatient. I may try ordering elsewhere. Art loves shepherd's pie!

Found complete Potato Buds at Sam's, along with bulk rice, macaroni, coffee creamer, dried mushrooms, and large containers of spices.

 Hangman sent me a link for a spice company he knows :  They sell spices at many Gander Mountain stores, HEB's and a variety of locations in Texas, as well as an online store. Since Hangman is a fine cook, I'd take his tip and try out some of these products.

Price Increase/ Shipping Delays :Talked to the Preparedness Plus store, and found that prices for dried foodstuffs will be going up later this week. They have a 3 week shipping delay similar to the Ready Store. Honeyville Farms claims no delays in general, but some items may be back ordered.

My order from Ready store shipped out Thursday, but haven't seen it yet (3-13-11).
Used up all the Jars Art saved. I'll ask friends to save some and get some real canning jars, too. Now I'm buying regular products based on the shape of the jar. Art is still chuckling about the jars he would save, and I would complain about.


  1. Glad you liked King Arthur, I love their stuff, not the least expensive you can find, but very good quality.

    I'm enjoying your series on emergency preparedness, thank you!

  2. Just yesterday I was wondering to myself if anyone sold a good, bulk, cheese powder that could be used for mac-n-cheese and other things and now I know about King Arthur Flour Co,. - thanks!

  3. Greetings from HomePlace.
    I am delighted that the (explitive deleated) jars are proving useful. The only downside is I'm running short on jars for my stuff.
    Need more ranch dip!

  4. My solution to the jar problem, Art? Eat more ranch dip! I'll eat more salsa. Love those straight sided jars!

  5. Jason, the King Arthur cheese powder makes a mean chedder cheese popcorn.....I had to go buy a popcorn popper after I figured that out! Its perfect for mixing into homemade pizza dough, or cheesy breads (for either add a cup of cheese powder and a tablespoon or so of hot sauce, and a dash of garlic and enjoy!), and breadsticks haven't been the same since I found keeps well in the freezer too, so don't worry about storing it. My open package is in the fridge, the rest stay in the chest freezer till I'm ready for them.

  6. Another place I just found for powdered cheese (and other such food items) is I have NOT ordered from them so I can't say how good they are, I ran across them just now looking for something else, but they have orange chedder cheese powder in 1lb bags for less than $5. I might have to order from them to give it a try!

  7. Thanks for another great tip, Ruth.