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Sunday, February 21, 2010

How Much Hay Fits Into a Rabbit's Mouth?

More hay than you think fits in a bunny mouth. Bonnie is building her nest rapidly in these photos. Her kits will be born in just a few hours. Unlike every other rqabbit we've had hers were born in the afternoon. She did manage to get them in the box, but Art had to snuggle them into her fur-lined nest, and cover them. Apparently she's a first time momma, despite her large size. When Art was through settling her babies, she hopped into the nest box to check on his work. It seemed suitable to her, so out she leaped. With the female's litter in the next cage (born Thursday), the baby bunny count is at 40. Two more does due next week Friday, and we'll have close to 50. Then the re-bred does due in two more weeks, but not soon enough to wean for Easter.
I'm actually relieved, in a way, even though I'd aimed for 100 bunnies. The Kleins (wire cutters) have disappeared, and we need some time to build some large holding cages for weanlings. After the sales, the rest will be grown up for meat. Momma needs a new freezer!

Waiting for the next two does to build their nests. No matter how many bunnies we have, it's still exciting!

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