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Thursday, February 4, 2010

No, I Didn't! Really! I Didn't! (yet)

Up front, I need to tell you these are chicks from a past order.  Maybe eighteen months or two years ago, OK? So, Art and Matthew, heave a mighty sigh of relief, I'm not hiding any chickens at this time. Or ducks. Or Guineas. Or geese, either.

Aren't they cute? Look at the grey one with feathers on it's feet; I love feather footed birds. How adorable they are as they speed around their baby enclosure, bright-eyed and alert. Remember how happy I get watching baby birds, guys?

Menfolk of HomePlace! Gird your loins and prepare for spring! The hatchery price list has arrived. Color plates of the birds are available online at

Our current crew of chickens are laying again, its true, but what will happen next winter? We will be eggless again, feeding gluttinous chickens on sabbatical. I know, I picked them, but they were examples of breeds we didn't have. I knew they weren't known for their laying abilities.

Let's get some good layers, Please? Australorpes, Rhode Islands, Barred Rocks, Americaunas, Silver Dorkings? Something?

What about ducks? We have no ducks, either. I miss having geese, but it may be too late for them. Don't worry, I'll check online!

OMG. I have "bird fever" again. The source of contagion is that price list, sent in an innocuous white envelope. I've got it bad. I could be cured with an order of birds, though. Awww! Look at them in that brown shipping box....


  1. I may become one with a bottle of Chivas Regal to celebrate this post. Yeah, that's it, I'm celebrating!
    Truth be told baby birds are more of a hoot than a pain. You might have to quote me on that. Still, the memory of Ock, your he-man cat being chased down the hall by a hatchling quail is priceless.

  2. I see you're warming up to the idea. Here's a tumbler with some ice....