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Friday, February 26, 2010

Update: New School Days

Completed my first week of substitute teaching last week. Actually subbing feels pretty good; at the end of the day I walk away without the crippling-to-carry-takes-hours-to-check student work. Just me, the truck keys, and my lightly packed bag ( lighter still 'cause bottled water and lunch are gone). No prep for the next day either!

 I stand amazed at the current crop of high school students in the small nearby town I've signed on with. I'm not used to students sporting beards and moustaches! The "young folks" are polite and well-spoken, save for two I met that day. Quite a difference from my old school district.Not saying that some of the students in my old district weren't polite, but overall, I'm very impressed with these kids from a town that has to remain nameless for security's sake, and ethics reasons, too!
The only problem Friday was concerning water fountains ( "bubblers", for the northern readers); where are they hidden in a modern school? I checked several hallways to no avail. Maybe in the bathrooms? That sounds too awful for words. I did find the teacher bathroom, and was very glad of that.

Next time at the high school I'm going to locate them, just for information's sake. I prefer bottled water in a school situation; you never know what germs lurk in the fountains of public schools. Everything seems to be spotless,though, wherever I look. Whatever germs lurk, I'm avoiding them. My resistance isn't as current as it used to be, out of teaching two years.

I found everything at the elementary school just fine. Seems like home, except you have to be "buzzed in" like at a jewelry store, and all outside doors must be opened with a key card. Don't get between buildings without one, or you'll be making a trip to the office -- probably from the far end of the campus, besides. Security sure has improved in the schools.

Next week is pretty well booked, no problem my being on crutches as far as the schools are concerned. Friday is open, so I'll decide what to do if called on that day. Maybe I'll work, and maybe not. I get to choose these days!


  1. You are amazing. Two weeks and the new school is convinced they can't live without you. I am already getting perfered treatment from the office staff because I am "Mr. Burnett". I would love to hear what you and Easterly tell them about me, or maybe not.

  2. Chris' school has some of their fountains tucked between the reatrooms. As in you enter & the guys go one way, the gals the other. I don't blame you for taking bottled H2O--my brother once got mono at age 3 from a water fountain.

    Mrs. Hang