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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Speaking of Ducks

Bird Fever  Strikes Again                    

Indian Runner Ducks, originating in long ago Indonesia, appear caged in the photo above. I really liked watching our "Runners" as they zoomed about their pen. They looked like wine bottles, standing tall and elegant. They also provided numerous delicious eggs for baking-- especially cornbread. We also enjoyed those eggs fried, scrambled and as omlettes. I miss those runner ducks.

 They're used frequently to train sheepdogs for trials because they move as a flock; they moved as a flock the day they got into the green bean patch, and the crazy lady came out and chased them. The beans must have been delicious, there were only leafless twigs left when I found the gate  open. They laughed as they ran from the arm-waving maniac. Not funny, I thought at the time.  The resulting eggs had yolks so orange they made me chuckle. I got to eat those beans secondhand, so to speak.

Francois was a crested Runner. His pom-pom would bobble crazily as he ran. Crested birds are almost as good as feather footed chickens as far as I'm concerned. The crests range from a tuft of feathers to a tophat like Francois'. If his technique with the lady ducks had been better, he would have been a ladies' man, but he was just eager. Annoyingly eager, according to the females as they ran from him, shreiking duck epithets.

The "bird fever" calls me (see prior post). I must have ducks... Muscovy, spotted Magpie, Campbells, Pekins, and Runners.


  1. I actually like the idea of getting ducks. Once the corn patch is tall enough they won't eat it they could run free in there to control bugs, like the dread grasshoppers!

  2. Great! Let's talk ducks later,then. I'll have to get back on the website (darn)to find availability dates, and we DON'T want them just before Easter, when the prices are much higher.