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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Poor Bunnies

Brown-Eyed Susan had her first litter of bunnies and instinct didn't take over. The six didn't survive 24 hours. We'd gone to get kitten milk replacer (useable for bunnies), but the last four were cold by the time we got back. Depressing.

Worse yet, I remembered Butch telling me people sold "pinkies" that died to pet shops to feed snakes. I saved the babies in the freezer. Opened the freezer today, and feel even sadder. I know this is a business, and some income is better than none at all, but it doesn't help. Gotta put them in a paper bag cover until I call the nearest pet shop. The tiny paws and teeny ears are heartbreaking to see.

Time to breed some more rabbits. New babies thriving are bound to help me feel better.

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