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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Men and a Bulldozer

Who else but Art could borrow a bulldozer? Memorable? You bet, especially when two men get down to work with one of the kings of men's toys!
In  the picture, Matt is moving my office building/guest house to a new location. Anyone can get guys to move furniture; I want buildings moved!

Vehicle trails through the woods needed clearing. The rumble of the diesel engine could be tracked over the property as the dozer crunched over small trees and dodged the larger ones.  After several days, however, Homeplace had as many trails as it really needed. According to me.

When it threw a track, the guys had to buy some esoteric pry bar specifically designed to muscle the track back on to the bogies. As they worked, the rise and fall of cursing turned the air smokey until the track was snug in place again. The local hardware store made more money when a mysterious glass bubble shattered as Matt backed up into something. More elaborated language. More diesel fuel. More reciepts for taxes.

 Testosterone levels rose as the menfolk regarded the driveway. “Needs scraping,” Matthew said. "One day
Mom's going to high center on that puppy!" He roared down the drive and back, blade lowered. 
 “You left bumps!” Art pointed out. “Let me do it the right way!” Down the drive and back he rumbled in a cloud of dust. 
“You call that smooth?” asked Matthew. He hauled himself into the seat and growled down the drive  and back again.
“Hah!” said Art as he climbed up once more. They traded insults and turns on the dozer all afternoon.  Good thing the headlights didn’t work.  They’d have spent the evening turning the driveway into a canyon.

The dozer has returned to its rightful owner. I have a pile of reciepts and memories of two men and a bulldozer.

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  1. It was a useful tool I wouldn't mind adding to the collection one of these days. Truth be told, a front end loader would be more useful. Fun while it lasted.