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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Emergency Prepapedeness Info

 A quick critique of my Honeyville Farms freeze dried vegetables order:
The mushrooms are excellent. I'll definitely get more. I use them in everyday cooking, too.
Potato dices are the best value for your money in terms of the weight of the #10 can. The dices are very small, like hash browns. Good for soups, breakfast, or casserole toppings. I'll try the slices next time to put in casseroles instead.
Celery and chopped green onions are great in jar dinners and everyday cooking. Lots and lots of onions in a quantity that will probably last forever!
                       ***                    ***                     ***
Sweating over a hot stove canning for the EP Pantry:

Pickled jalapenos, both red and green  2 pts.
Large sliced hamburger dill pickles      3 pts.
Mixed veggies-- okra, zucchini, and a few cucumbers  1 pt.

Okra-- tasty and pretty, too
Fighting the grasshoppers for veggies during this drought has affected the yield in the garden, so I'm doing small batches. The okra is still too slow producing to do full jars, so I did a  mix just to get some okra pickled.

I've learned to keep extra veggies nearby when pickling. I ran short of cucumbers and had to go back to the garden in the middle of packing the jars to get more. Good thing the pickling process is more forgiving than making jam or jellies. The whole house smelled like pickles for six hours. Good thing I like pickles. Sadly, Hubby doesn't like them.

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