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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scuttling Across the Desk...

Minding my own business, pricing things online for the upcoming garage sale, I threw myself violently away from the keyboard this morning.

 I found myself facing a bark scorpion heading for the mouse pad. I've been stung before and didn't want a repeat. Burning pain for hours, and nothing seems to help.

Yesterday I'd been congratulating myself at the lack of scorpions finding their way into the house. See if I do that again!

Art jumped up and dispatched it with the butt end of the 9 volt flashlight. "Crunch-Squish" and it was done!

I think the senior indoor cat was miffed; he loves those hot and spicy snacks. Usually he finds them, eats them, and spends a day or two with a swollen muzzle. I never understood his fascination with the nasty creatures. Maybe it's the challenge?

As for me? Crush-Kill-Destroy! Better yet, leave the scene and have someone else take care of it.


  1. Then Art found one the next day-- also on the desk. Tiume to shake out shoes before wearinng them.

  2. damn, I thought spiders were bad.....reminds me, yet again, why I've no wish to live in the south...