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Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Cultural Experience

It's a wonder I've made it to 61 and never participated in a garage sale. I'll fix that this coming weekend. Maggie is holding one and Art and I are helping.

Today we spent two hours sorting through barely half of the 20' shipping container near the driveway. Amazing how many treasures we've accumulated since 1990 together, and on our own before we met. Finally able to let some of that stuff go. Making room to store things actually on the shelves! The extra cash will be welcome.
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I am pleasantly surprised how quickly the Texas Dept. of Transportation sent me a replacement title for my old Ford Festiva. I sent off all the required papers less than a week ago!

 A good servant, that car. I drove it until it died,  we graffiti'ed it, then shot it up at the "Cops and Robbers" shooting workshop we held more than a year ago. It taught writers not to hide their characters behind a car and hope they'll be safe. We'll take it across the scales at the recycling plant for cash. I hope its next incarnation is a happy one.

Still trying to get rid of the remains of the Buick Skylark. It's door-less, hoodless and trunkless. those parts have already gone across the scale. Impossible to get the title on it straightened out; I'm sure it was headed to Mexico before we bought it. "Title, Senor? We don't need a title!"

Never buy a car when you're desperate, is my advice. Too bad I can't follow it. Skylark gave up the ghost 18 months after we bought it. It's been sitting in the woods, awaiting the final recycling. How to get it in smaller pieces is the question. Hmmmmm....


  1. Paint it up pretty and plant things in it? *impressive garden feature? :)

  2. We have several to choosse from, but this one is especially attractive, isn't it?