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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Post Garage Sale

I think I've finally recovered from last weekend's garage sale. All that beautiful folding green certainly helped. Made a few good trades, too! Got an air popper for a rice steamer, and a 6' tall shelf for a handmade quilted Christmas wreath.

Mornings were tolerable, but afternoons of 102 to 104F were a bit much. Drank so much water I thought my eyes would swim. Art went on a lunch run every day to Subway, so lunch was easy.

Not our hoard, just an example!
You'd all be so proud of Art and I. We sent most of the remaining "stuff" to a hospice resale shop. Thanks to our new friend Maggie D for taking that load there for us.

No more sorting through shipping containers until October when we prepare for the next garage sale. For now afternoons will find me inside under the zephyr breezes of the AC!

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