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Thursday, January 7, 2010


 I was six years old on a field trip to the circus. A clown was perched on the top of a swaying pole clutching a bucket loaded with what I thought was water. Terrified, I thought the clown would fall on me, bucket and all. I'd be stuck in my seat, soaking wet, with no change of clothes in my near future. I should have had  a ballooon tank then. Maybe I would be more inclined to enjoy clowns now.

Perhaps that's not totally true. Have you seen some of those horror films starring clowns? Inherent evil in parti-color suits!  Those films just confirmed what I knew at the Ringling Brothers' Circus in 1956.Never cut  clown any slack, pass the balloon nuclear device, please!


  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    I guess my problem with Clowns is that when you scrape off the paint you find men, and some women. As a kid I loved Bozo and Clarabelle. As an adult I recall a photo of Jhon Wayne Gacey dressed as a clown.
    Most are not bad people, but they are all people.

  2. I'm not gettin' close enough to scrape off the paint. You do it!